Jerry Brown is The Monkey Man, and Oh, So Much More!

Whether he’s singing old-time vaudeville tunes, playing concertina, banjo, or ukulele; bending metal objects with his bare mind; juggling and storytelling; eating fire; or pulling a bunny out of his hat; Jerry Brown will mesmerize and delight you!

Jerry Brown is a one of a kind entertainer, purveying the lost arts of a bygone era, and his monkey-pal, Django, will steal your heart away.

Jerry does strolling performances or focused, staged variety shows, and Django will be the hit of your event . You’ll hear everybody talking about the monkey!

Jerry performs six hours each day at a fee that is less than what many stage acts charge for a single performance, AND he will not only entertain your patrons, but, properly promoted, his little monkey-girl, Django, will ATTRACT people to your event like bees to honey.

Photos by Fred Scruton, Cranesville, PA

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we have THE shows THAT YOU WANT for your event
Fairs and Festivals
We’re at your event six hours each day, presenting stage shows, walk-arounds, and ‘The Monkey Man’.
Clubs and Organizations 
Family oriented variety performances of music, magic, juggling, fire-eating, story-telling, and featuring Django, the World’s Only Psychic Monkey!
Birthday Parties
We do a mini-performance that features the birthday child, and includes music, magic, and monkey tricks. There’s lots of time to get close up and personal with Django 


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